Some of our clients

1. AQA 63336 Limited link

AQA 63336 Limited is the UK's premier text question and answer service operating on the premium rate SMS number, 63336. Customers text the service any question at the cost of £1.50 and are sent an answer within minutes. Since establishing the service in 2004 the company has answered in excess of 25 million questions and has 5 year of consecutive profits.

Ravensbolt Limited provide all accounting services including book-keeping, filing of returns, preparation of statutory accounts, running the share option sheme and providing strategic advice.

2. Dynamo Communications Limited link

Dynamo is a digital PR company created as a start up at the beginning of 2011. It specialises in providing PR for technology companies and makes creative use of new media and social networking sites.

Ravensbolt Limited set up the company at Companies House and have written a shareholder's agreement and share option agreement as well as providing all tax advice and acting as a non-execitive Director.