About us

Ravenbolt Limited is a firm of Chartered Accountants set up by Stephen Williams.

Stephen Williams started out working at Arthur Andersen in 1990, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. A year after becoming manager he left in 1997 to join Psion plc before then transferring across to Symbian Limited. This was a joint venture established by the then world’s largest mobile phone companies to develop the software for the next generation of mobile phones. As VP Finance and Operations he was pivotal in helping the company grow from 100 people in one UK office to over 1,500 people across six international sites. Along the way he established and became a Director of companies in Sweden, India and China.

By 2007, the dream of an independent operating system, working across the mobile industry had died and he decided to take the opportunity to work as the CFO at AQA 63336, a text messaging Q&A service. Alongside the owner and former CEO of Symbian and the Software Development Director, he helped grow the company from its infancy to a position where it was were answering 19,000 questions per day with a turnover of £4million a year and net profit exceeding £0.4million.

In 2011, whilst still working at AQA he set up Ravensbolt Limited to help entrepreneurs and small companies grow their businesses. He has extensive knowledge of what make these businesses succeed having been there and done it himself.